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    Do we have a "sellable" product?
    Good afternoon. We have the only complete Field Sales Prospecting System for the commercial/industrial field sales professional on the market. It is in the form of what I call a Prospecting Kit - 4 books, 2 CDs and one year of Free consulting.
    I would like to get a feeling from some experienced Affiliates if this is a product that would be practical for me to pursue with you.

    Thank you

    Bill Truax

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    Sales reps in the field are a dying breed. The web is replacing them daily and field reps are turning in to people who go have coffee with the client once in a while or take them to lunch and make sure things are OK, usually at a MUCH smaller salary or commission structure.
    I have two neighbors who have recently retired as their companies (totally different companies) have reduced the # of field reps and offered early retirement.
    Certainly some industries will always need sharp people in the field, just know that you are chasing a shrinking market.
    Good luck!

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    What is applicable in the field often can apply in other marketing channels.

    The field course can of course be good for an affiliate program. There might be an opportunity/market for your program because sales reps are required to become better and better or else they might lose their job...

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