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    link share question
    i can using ppc promote linkshare program?
    i cant' see keywork link like cj

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    Yes you can but as far as I know, there is no table or a list that you can pull up.

    It varies on merchant to merchant.

    My 2 cents, read the T&C for that merchant. Or contact the merchant directly via email or phone. The contact info of the merchant is in the control panel of Linkshare.

    Also, ask them if they have a list of performing keywords. I wouldn't suggest using those keywords directly as you do not have the deep pocket to compete with the merchant on those keywords. So do your research once you get a list. When I was managing the Wyndham Vacation Resorts program, I went though the PPC account and sent out performing keywords list.

    all the best

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    There is no list of keywords like CJ but if you click on the create links and choose a merchant, they should list their PPC policies and restrictions (Like Brand name bidding).

    If they don't make mention of their policy, try contacting the AM and ask waht restrictions if any they may have.

    Make sure to title your email "Brand Name PPC Bidding". This will make sure that the AM actually returns your email.

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