Hello Team,

After a long nine months in the works, the beta TicketMaster program is alive and kicking on the buy.at network.

Kudos to Mal and his tech team for an outstanding job at customizing the back end and creating what we feel is the new "state of the art" standard in affiliate program management platform. The TM / buy.at platform kicks donkey and it's what future affiliate progam engines will look like.

The team at TicketMaster is awesome, it will be a pleasure working with them as we build a massive affiliate program. This program will rock ....

Folks, if you have been waiting for a one of a kind affiliate program, the program that will convert year round on all types of sites - this is the one. Everyone goes to events, music and sports and TM is the source.

Join The TicketMaster affiliate program today on the totally awesome buy.at network and start earning revenues today.

If you have any questions, please email us at ticketmaster / at / buy.at

Look forward to the dedicated TicketMaster forum coming soon to ABW ... in the meantime, there is a thread on the buy.at forum as well ...

As always, thank you in advance for your support on all the ARC managed programs ... your support is appreciated.

Rock on ...