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    Maybe to steer away from the polemic, we could consider some of the side-effects of the conflict.

    For example, if a company was planning something that would mean bad PR (like a lot of layoffs), they'd want to do it now, when nobody's paying attention, rather than later in the year when there's a slow news day.

    Same applies to governments. If you're going to pass unpopular legislation or make a "bad news" announcement or do something a little bit irregular, now's the time to do it, when people are watching the war and when the main guardians of world affairs are all tied up in the Iraq issue.

    Look down the bottom of the media websites to find headlines that support this theory. For example, India and Pakistan seem to be facing off again right now - coincidence?

    I daresay a few human rights around the world are going to get some serious bashing while everyone's busy dealing with Saddam.

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    I have one in my mind;

    Depleted Uranium. when it penetrates the armour it becomes dust and flows around with wind and when you inhale it you get a nice gulf war syndrome and other side effects of radioactivity.

    -NO WAR-

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