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    SynergyAnalytics Down?
    SynergyAnalytics is down for everyone (not just me), right?

    I haven't been able to get in to it for at least four days. I tried several times on Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday.

    I'm surprised (okay, maybe not) that nobody else has reported this. Is it still that sparsely used? I know that the only thing I ever use it for is payment information.

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    I have been able to get in to SynergyAnalytics several times on Monday and Tuesday, including just now. I haven't had any unavailable messages during that time.

    Are you getting the unavailable message or is it timing out for you?

    BTW, the Commission Analysis and Invoice/Payment Summary have never been corrected. In fact, I've already been paid by one merchant who isn't even listed at all for September.

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    I'm able to get in fine as well.

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