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    How LinkShare gets paid?
    Does anyone know how LinkShare gets paid? Do merchants pay them a transaction fee each time an affiliate earns a commission? Or do they get a percentage of each sale? Like say if I'm an affiliate earning 15% of sale, maybe LinkShare is getting 5%? I'm just curious to know how much these affiliate networks actually make.

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    It varies from network to network, but typically the "network fee" is either 20-30% of the commission amount or 2-3% of the sale amount. Many networks also charge merchants minimum monthly fees, management fees, newsletter fees, datafeed fees, etc. For smaller merchants, especially, these fees can be significantly higher than the sale/commission-based network fees. For larger merchants, these fees are usually relatively negligible.

    If you're earning 15%, the network is probably earning at least 2% or 3%, making the total cost to the merchant 17-18% or higher.

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