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    No response after application
    Hi everyone,

    Two days ago I applied to CJ and have yet to receive any sort of confirmation or response. I've checked my spam folder.

    Their Contact Us page doesn't list an email contact.

    Is this delay normal?

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    As to response, YMMV (Your millage may vary).

    I have heard of program managers that would take 30 days to approve an application. Most responsive program managers will try to approve an application in 16 biz hrs or less.

    Does it have an phone on their contact page?
    If not, go to their website and look for an affiliate link. They might have an email or tel no there too.
    If not, try the "contact us" page on their site too.

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    They are probably going to reject you. AMs eventually get around to emptying email accounts. I hate how little thought they put into rejecting people. I dont even think they read the apps. They just look at the site url listed and decide.

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    Did you apply to CJ to be an affiliate or to a vendor within CJ to promote their program? Your wording seems to be asking one thing and the responses are answering another.

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    Whoops, should have been clearer.

    I applied to CJ itself as a Publisher. (Update: still no response after 5 days)

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