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    Does the anchor text of links affect tracking?
    Just as the title suggests:

    When I go to create links via Linkshare, there is a bit of text that says, "This code must be placed on your site exactly as it appears," which I assume to be a warning to web newbs who might neglect to add the 1x1 pixel image right after the link.

    BUT I wonder if since I have been changing the anchor text inside the <a></a> tags, would that adversely affect my links being accurately tracked?

    My main cause for concern is a noticeable drop in affiliate revenue after switching to Linkshare. If you want to see the specific links I am using, you can PM me and we can go from there.

    Thanks for the help in advance.


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    You can replace the text with anything you want - text isn't trackable

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    Billy Kay is right. Any tracking issues, if they exist, would be caused by the merchant, not Linkshare.

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    I don't add the 1x1 pixel image. Maybe that's bad.

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    The text, though, is essential in non affiliate linking. Just not as it applies to tracking.
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