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    NEW YORK - Consumer spirits sank to near-decade lows in late March as the United States went to war, yet another sign the U.S. economy remains hamstrung by uncertainty.

    Figures for February released on Friday showed Americans reined in spending as war loomed, oil prices rose and job layoffs mounted. Indeed, consumption failed to rise at all in first two months of the year, which has not happened since the recession of the early 1990s.

    But in a hopeful sign for the future, the Commerce Department said incomes rose solidly in February, suggesting consumers at least have more spending power. The question is whether they will want to spend, or just build up depleted savings.

    As has been the case for weeks, economic news was only of secondary interest for financial markets preoccupied with developments in Iraq as U.S.-led forces move closer to Baghdad and news of a bridge closure in New York City that turned out be unrelated to terrorism.

    The University of Michigan's final March index of consumer sentiment fell for a third straight month to 77.6, its lowest since September 1993, from 79.9 in February.

    Still, that was an improvement from the preliminary 75.0 reading in mid-March, possibly reflecting optimism of the early days of war before worries of a more protracted and brutal conflict emerged this week.

    "I suspect if you took the same poll today, you'd already see a bit more of a pull-back because the momentum of the war has bogged down," said RBS Greenwich Capital Markets chief economist Jade Zelnik.

    Although economists normally warn that confidence readings can give false clues on spending, as occurred last year when confidence wavered even as Americans bought cars and houses in record numbers, actual recent spending seems to have closely followed sentiment surveys.

    "In March, we should see some rebound from the weather, but activity may have been limited by the start of the war," Zelnik said.

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    This march has been my best month ever. I hope there is a slowdown because of the war because as soon as this things over with sales are going to really rock. I just may hit my 10,000 dollar monthly goal this year if things continue as they are.

    BTW aren't we do for a google update or has it already happened? I haven't been paying attention this month.

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    If had a big drop in traffic across the board on the 21st, and then traffic has been about 5%-10% down depending on the sites. I have been getting lower conversions overall, but it's not a huge drop.

    I think that people are spending more time on the news sites when they're surfing, although where I do have products that connect with the military in any way, then I'm getting an increased number of searches coming through.

    It's too early for any major economic impact of this war.

    All your commission are belong to us.

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    >It's too early for any major economic impact of this war.

    Just as I thought the same I checked sales for the past 5 days.....

    The slump is starting here, clearly a trend to slower sales is starting to take shape for me. Currently as each day of the war passes by my sales go lower and lower....sniff....

    Will I have to go back to some daytime job in 2003? Geez and my goal was the almighty 10K Euro as well....

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    >BTW aren't we do for a google update or has it already happened?

    Yup! Google has, in practice, skipped an update since there was no february dance. The so called march update should be happening early april, I'd guess around the 10th.

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