Hello Team ,

Just wanted to let everybody know that the PianoWizard.com newsletter was sent out to all of our affiliate partners. PianoWizard has been preparing to make sure you have all the tools you need to boost your sales. Therefore, PianoWizard has put together two new videos with clickable links on them so you can increase your commissions.

You can now embed these videos directly onto your site by browsing over to this Music Wizard tools and training site link and use this page to alter the size of the widgets so they fit onto your site. All you need to do is replace three instances of ##### in the HTML code with your SAS affiliate ID. If by any chance the JavaScript/HTML code doesn't work on your site, the page also has HTML-only coded for you. This is one more way for you market to your site visitors and enjoy the benefits of partnering with PianoWizard! You can find these videos in the newsletter and you can find the newsletter when you sign into your ShareASale account.

FYI: at this time we are putting together another program benefit that will offer additional commissions and percentages to affiliates just for supporting PianoWizard! Keep an eye out for this big announcement in the upcoming weeks!

If you have any question regarding the newsletter please contact me at Stephanie@andyrodriguez.com.

Thanks again!

Stephanie Lichtenstein
Andy Rodriguez Consulting