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    This may sound a stupid question, but i just cant decide.How should i sort things in my jewelry page?Highest to lowest price or lowest to highest price.I think it is quite important because the price differences are quite big.

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    Hi bbb,

    I'd tend to lead off with the most attractive items, choosing a few manually that you'll think will look interesting, and then list the rest however you like.

    Are you using a script or doing this by hand?

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    If you're using a script, it might be to allow the user to sort however s/he likes, depending on what s/he is looking for (Defaulting to Dynamoo's advice of the most attractive ones fist, so that's what people see when they first click on the page). Different customers will have different priorities.


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    Sometimes it's good to put the high-end things on one page and the cheaper stuff on another page. Then put a link to the "other" page at the top. This is especially good if the cheaper items are in a different subcategory--for instance, if the difference is like the one between "costume jewelry" and others with "fine jewelry".

    If you have a script that allows sorting, then what SirenSong said--let the customer do the sorting except for a few featured pieces.

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    Most Peolple buy Jewelry as Gifts.

    You should group your Items by Price Ranges and create separate Pages for them.

    Also by Category with the expensive stuff first and the option to reverse the Sort Order (cheapest first).

    I would also create an Intro Page for each Category with manually picked items (Best Sellers etc.).

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