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    How to make text act like a link, minus the loading?
    This may sound silly, but I want to make some text look and act like a link, minus the actually loading something. Meaning the color and hover color change of a link.

    Anyone know if this is possible?

    I've tried:
    <a href="">
    <a href=" ">
    <a href="#">
    The first two load the index, and the 2nd one goes to the top of the page. And hmm.. I found an easier way to go to top, than I had been doing, lol.

    I've tried other symbols too, and they just load 404.

    Thanks for any input I recieve.

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    Hardaka, what you are trying to do is create a hover effect for the link. You can do it using CSS.

    Here's a quick overview of how to do it and some variations: CSS Links. Hope this helps.

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    Oh, I didn't mean create a hover effect for a link. I meant, create the hover effect for some text, without it being a link that goes anywhere. Although that website has some tricks I didn't know about, so thanks.

    And very oddly enough.. going to that website gave me a new idea to try, and it worked!
    <a href="#more">text</a>
    That made the text have the same color and hover effect of my normal links, but clicking on it doesn't load anything.

    Thanks again.

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