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    Just Came From Learning Annex
    Well beteween all the seminars and confrences lately I am starting to get sick of them lol. Today I went to the Jacob Javits center for the Learning Annex real estate expo.

    It was a good thing and I am going back tomorrow, Todays speakers were George Foreman, some internet marketing wizard (I won't name) that sucked so bad I could have taught him something, and Tony Robbins. I left before Tony Robbins because I saw him last year and I didn't like him at all. Anyway tomorrows speakers are Alan Greenspan, Jack Canfield, David Bach and Donald Trump.

    I am pretty sure you can just register at the learning annex website, probably for free (if you search the internet for coupons) even though the site says its $200 or something. If you are in NYC and need something to do I recommend it. I will be there at 8 am if anyone is going and wants to meet up.

    I can't help myself here more about the internet marketing wizard, The guy told us his whole life story and how he ranks and finds keywords using the Overture tool. Told us that this list was generated last night and because he knows keywords and stuff he is #1 for the term "web hosting los angeles". it gets better he is #1 in yahoo local search.

    The guy had 4 sites #1 through #4 and telling us that he is a master at getting google rankings. I come home and run the same search and he is nowhere on the page. According to his results he was 1-4 out of are you ready 626 search results. I was fully prepared to outrank him just for the fun of it but he no longer ranks for the terms. His course is usually 3500. He had a show special of 399.00. Needless to say I didn't buy it, but there were people running up with credit card in hand.

    Today was the first time I said to myself I need my own product and get into this game.
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    We have done the learning annex several times and had great success. I am glad to hear that they beefed up their speakers some. If you go, make sure you keep your contact information close to your heart, or you will be called...lots!

    We have a great product for the annex but are more of a back end processor, but if you have a system put together to handle seminars let me know and we can all make some money...

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