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    New Merchant full of Leaks
    GreenandMore dot com just came up as a new mechant on CJ.

    At first glance they seem like an interesting new mechant, specializing in eco-friendly home products, a growing new niche.

    However, one look at their site, and you can see to stay away: Not only do they have several adsense blocks prominently featured, but affiliate banners to other merchants.

    If anyone from GreenandMore dot com sees this post, please feel free to discuss your reasons for promoting such an affiliate-unfriendly site, and hopefully you will look into these problems, understand our position, and make appropriate changes, should you be serious about building a successfull affiliate program.

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    Most merchants feel "income is income not matter what the source". Just like many publishers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nakedgamer
    Most merchants feel "income is income not matter what the source". Just like many publishers.
    Merchants cannot have it both ways; at least not successfully. But publishers can tailor pages and/or sites to balance income from a variety of sources.
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