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    Slow November Sales
    I have seen a fairly significants conversion rate decline since Nov 1. from my shareasale merchants. I have not seen a similar decline from other merchants. One of the merchants who has been averaging about .30 epc for over 12 months in a row, actually showed its 7 day epc chart drop to zero. Conversion rates are also dramaticly below last Novembers. I have pretty high confidence in Shareasale, but the numbers are so skewed that I am concerned there is a tracking problem. The absense of any other threads here on the subject, leads me to believe the problem is isolated, but I am curious as to what others are seeing.

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    My main gig is hotel reservations - where November has always been my slowest month. But I do sell other "things" online, with the majority being through ShareASale. Everything seems normal in that area with activity picking up as the season cranks up.
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    We have not seen a decrease in sales, actually a steady increase for the last two weeks, but they also be due to me taking over management of this account and updating creative and adding specials. But typically this time of year is where any of my online retailers see an increase in sales.

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    November sales are typically better than September and October for us. Early December is when the action really heats up

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    Send me your username and i'll look into it... also, let me know which m erchant you think has the biggest change, the one down to zero epc - and i'll check that out as well.

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    Our affiliate conversion rate has been consistent from June through November 19th. I did see a major jump in August, but there is nothing that I can see that would suggest a tracking issue on SAS's end.
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    My SAS merchants are doing fine this month.

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    We saw a drop the first week of the month, probably as people took a deep breath in prep for the serious shopping to come, but things have been climbing steadily since. Several programs seem to be just starting to wake up for the holiday season. December should be a whole lot of fun.
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    We had a great Oct. and then Nov. came and hits dropped about 20% but sales dropped over 40% to this point. No idea why but hope its only temporary.

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    Our sales have picked up sharply the last week, so no problems here. :-)
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    Part of the problem in determining what is going on at any given time with sales has to do with variables over which the affiliate has no control whatsoever.

    For example, it is being discussed at this board (by Marcia) and also at numerous other forums about how poorly the MSN Live search engine is functioning right now for MANY webmasters. All of a sudden for no explainable reason, websites were simply wiped out of the MSN index. So if you were getting decent traffic from them and that traffic was converting to sales, then one day you wake up and you're GONE, then of course your sales will drop. Lots of people are seeing that and unfortunately, until MSN fixes their broken algorithm, there is nothing much that anyone can do.

    That's just one example of why sales may drop off -- there are many others but you see my point -- it's at least possible that it's not you, it's not your merchants, it's not your products, and it's not SAS.


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    We are up with sales in all other networks but way down in SAS this month.

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