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    Suggestions: Merchant Management, Keyword Parameters
    Over the past few days, I've been experimenting with PopShops and see some great opportunity here -- as well as some limitations that I think you should consider addressing. Here are three inter-related suggestions.

    What I'd like from PopShops:

    (1) "Merchant Management." Some way for me to designate which merchants I have active relationships with, and wish to include in my PopShops pages, so that I don't accidentally choose merchants who haven't approved me, or whom I've concluded are not worth linking to (for example, because they've had multiple "temporarily offline" events in the past month or two).

    (2) I'd really like the ability to "automate popshop creation" using keywords. For example, on my "Musical Instruments" site, I'd like to have sub-pages for each major type of musical instrument, but this requires a cumbersome manual process to define each "shop" and choose products for each shop. If you maintained my list of "active merchants," then you could auto-generate a page using a template that specifies a keyword and a style, and I could use WebMerge or another tool to generate pages for many different product keywords.

    (3) I'd like the ability to include merchants in the auto-feed (automatic extra pages) even if I haven't included those merchants on the first page. A great example is my "frog" site -- because there are a LOT of merchants who have frog-themed products, and since a merchant's products will only be shown via AutoFeed if one of the merchant's products is included in the original page, I've been forced to adopt a very large template in order to fit one product from every merchant.

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    1) You can set up filters and choose from each Network which merchants you want to display in that filter. The filters are available in a drop down right above the merchant list. That should take care of your first issue.

    2) As for your second listed issue, there was a PopShops survey not too long ago and I participated and mentioned that I would like the ability to create "Projects" in which I could categorize all my shops. Right now, I have several shops for each site I'm using them on. I currently name them something along the lines of "SiteName-Category". It'd be great if there could be like a folder for each site and then you could drill down in a tree (like the merchant listing) and list each category/subcategory shop. That solution is not exactly what you're looking for, but I think it's somewhat similar. If you could create a main category and then have keyword generated sub-categories in your project tree, that'd be great!
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    We would really love to be able to push out these features quickly, but features take time, dev resources, and planning.

    But I can tell you that I have a very detailed wishlist and I'm listening to all the improvements we can make for future releases. If you send it to the support alias, I have a special project named "wishlist" that keeps track of these very ideas.



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