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    Looking for some advice on developing a new page name. The keywords that I would use are all popular, but I want to maximize my chances for a good ranking as much as possible.

    I've read through several articles, so I have the general idea of using targeted keywords. I'm looking to create a broader category with more focused-pages within that section.

    How do you all handle this? Do you use keywords that are appropriate, perhaps going down one or two notches the keyword chain or do you hope that you site's rank will carry that page higher.

    Thanks. - The Internet's Fitness Resource

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    January 17th, 2005
    One other question.

    Is my understanding the page is titled (e.g. <title>The Sexiest Page Around</title> is more important than what I save the file as (e.g. "TheSexiestPageAround.htm")? - The Internet's Fitness Resource

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