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    You slave over a site or a page... get it on the search engines.. first few days it gets some hits and sales.. you're thinking things are looking great then suddenly dead! Plenty of hits, same positions on the search engines, but no sales!

    What is the cause of this phenomenon? It's happened to me so many times now I can't imagine it's just bad luck.

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    The only time I've seen this effect is where the merchant I'm promoting is the first one in the category that isn't totally lame--and my site's the only listing in the SE under that keyword which leads to the merchant (and the merchant hasn't gotten its own site listed under the kewords in question).

    I attribute it to pent-up demand from buyers who couldn't bring themselves to buy from the garage-sale-operations that had previously been listed, who all quick buy as soon as they see a merchant that doesn't look like it's ready to fold up at any minute. Once that pent-up demand is satisfied, though, *normal* demand for the category takes over. And in categories where NO decent-sized, professional-looking merchants are already promoting, I usually find out rather quickly that they aren't promoting in that "space" because it really isn't worth bothering with!

    I will note that I've never seen this effect in a category with a normal amount of competition (for instance, if it takes more than doing a micro-bit of SEO to get a top 10 spot)--just in the little niches that SEEM TO have been missed by serious merchants and affs. If you're seeing this in a category with a fair or better amount of competition, then I don't know what would be causing it.

    And yes, those categories do tend to draw a lot of clicks without sales, for some reason...

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