I'm really tired of all the emails been duplicated and resent up to 3-4 times a week by some merchants currently, it is getting beyond a joke this year. I'm filtering out all these merchants now and sending them this message back:

Since you keep sending the same promotions then I have set up a filter to direct all your future emails to my junk folder.

Then I get these merchants who send emails with nothing more than a few large images with links to their own website promotions, no affiliate links etc. It is more like a commercial email promotion to a consumer, it is useless to me. This is more like spam than an affiliate newsletter, these annoying merchants get this message:

Hello, I'm not interested as a consumer to see your promotions, please just send affiliate promotions and proper links
I have filters set up on my email to handle all my email, to sort what I need to use and what I don't need but with all this junk lately it is taking hours to sort through all this mess.