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Thread: AMWSO Program Application

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    Question AMWSO Program Application
    I am an affiliate of Linkshare. I own a weight loss blog. (with 30+ pages of unique contents and growing, white hat SEO only).

    I am particularly interested in few affiliate programs managed by AMWSO including South Beach Diet, Jillian Michaels, Denise Austine as the programs are perfect match to my niche. However, I am auto-reject everytime I applied via Linkshare.

    Why did it happen to me? I reckon that's because I am not from US. however, I have 10k+ visits to my blog monthly, more than 85% are from US, and they are looking for diet information. I dont see the problem here.

    In addition, I plan to buy new domains to promote the programs with PPC. with PPC, you can geo target your audience. Again, no problem with location here.

    I read the TOS/merchant requirements carefully and am 100% sure my site do not violate the TOS.

    Is there any way I can appeal to the application?


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    Hi John,

    Please email me (James.Nardell [@] your Linkshare ID and your website URL. I'll work on getting you approved ASAP.
    James D. Nardell Affiliate Management Team
    email: James.Nardell [@]
    Phone: (805) 624-5669
    IM - Google/Skype: JamesNardell
    iolo technologies | Paychex | Personal VCard Website

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