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    TAX Forms
    I live in Spain -Do I need to complete a Tax form?

    The help section says...

    "For residents of the countries listed below: The W8 Form does not apply. "

    Spain is listed

    So I haven't submitted one.

    The reason i ask is that I have never received a payment, I've been earning regularly over the past year and now have almost 500 ($750+) in my account which was my threshold BUT I changed that to 100 when direct payments to spanish banks were made available.

    I am waiting for a reply from the helpdesk so I thought I'd check here as you guys know everything!

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    November 23rd, 2007
    Bump.. anyone know about the forms??

    I've had no reply from CJ and i am getting concerned as I have a large balance building up (quadrupled my balance in the past few days) that I would really like to get my hands on.

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    Are you a US citizen? my experience I'd submit a form. Have you tried the 800 number for CJ?

    800.761.1072, just have your PID / CID on hand and follow prompts

    W-9 for domestic publishers -
    W-8 for international publishers -

    You may print and fax them to #818.879.5284.

    You can also send by post to:
    Commission Junction, a ValueClick company
    ATTN: Finance
    30699 Russell Ranch Rd., Suite 250
    Westlake Village, CA 91361

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    November 23rd, 2007
    I'm not a US citizen,

    It looks like a payment has been sent through now. I'll try to find a european number for CJ and phone them.

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    i have sent that form too.

    what does it mean ? scan it in PDF ?
    becasue i sent the form in jpeg format by email and after i asked them they request another one in pdf format.

    does cj send Direct Deposit to thailand banks ?

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