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    Question Newsletter ?
    I have plan to create newsletter for my visitors, so they know latest news from my site.
    Anybody ABW member expert in news letter ? what's kind software/service/scripts that you use ?

    and how about law, i'am still worry about spam complaint


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    I have managed several campaigns on several different platforms. I've used open source applications, custom applications, and a few hosted solutions. If your list is bigger than 1000 subscribers, I'd look into a hosted solution.

    There are a lot of options out there and it will come down to what works best for your list, your campaigns, and of course your budget. Do a google search for "Email Service Provider" for a start.

    One consideration when looking at solutions is deliverability. If your ESP offers a whitelisting service, this can help you get more emails in more inboxes. Play by the rules and use whatever monitoring tools you have access to in order to stay in the ISP's good graces.

    Some questions to ask yourself as you review each solution:
    -How do you acquire email addresses?
    -If you already have a list, what is the quality of this list? - Is it an old list with a high percentage of old/bad addresses? Did the people on the list you have sign up to receive the email you plan to send them?
    -How often are you going to send email messages, and how do you plan to set this expectation with your subscribers? Most solutions have a max number of emails per month, so be sure this number is in line with your list size and email frequency.
    -Will you be doing dynamic messages based on subscriber preferences or segmentation?

    And a couple of qustions you should ask yourself before you send any email:
    -Is there value in what you're sending? Will your subscribers gain anything from what you're sending? If you were the recipient of this email, would you have any reason to want to read it?

    As far as legality goes, google "CAN-SPAM" and familiarize yourself with ALL of the aspects of this law. It is not sufficient to include an unsubscribe link!

    As far as spam complaints go, that's the bad news. Every survey I've seen shows that some percentage of people hit "report spam" instead of unsubscribing from an email they knowingly signed up for. The best you can do is minimize the the nuber of complaints by setting good expectations, delivering something of value, and engaging your subscriber audience well with every message.

    Hope this helps.

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    Couple good ones:

    As far as spam complaints, do double opt in. They sign up, they get something where they need to click, respond to or verify again, the "double" opt in. You should be alright.

    Then the only difference with the new CAN SPAM act that I had to do with my newsletters is put a place of business in them, unsubscribe link (which I had before that).

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    I have a friend with 60,000 subscribers on his personal news letter. He tends not to annoy them with too many ads to keep them.

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