Hi everybody...gobble, gobble

has anyone out there had success (or failure) at incorporating GC code into joomla modules based on AJAX?

i have been testing some GC integrations and i put them into a module called PHP Module. it's a module that will display the end results of all types of PHP & JS code. i made 3 copies of the PHP module (store, coupon, and product search)

those 3 copies i then placed into a module called "tabulous", which is a module in itself, but lets you place numerous other modules inside it. Tabulous works on an AJAX principle and it will show the different modules assigned for it in tabs. so if you have 6 modules, there will be 6 tabs, and clicking a tab will display the respective module WITHOUT reloading the page.

the problem i am getting with goldencan is that often, when clicking a link...for example...if i click PC Connection in the store integration interface, nothing will be displayed in the module. it will be blank as far as content of any kind. i will have to click the same module tab again just to see the content for PC Connection come up. so instead of showing up right away, it's as if i need to perform an extra step to get the content results to display when they should've displayed right away after clicking the link.

has anyone experienced or tried something like this?

any replies are much appreciated.