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    Oceans....Thirteen? [possible spoilers]
    If you're an Oceans fan but haven't seen 13, you may not want to read this thread.

    A question for the Oceans fans. I just watched 13, I liked it as I have the other two but something has perplexed me. Granted I've seen Oceans 11 many times, and Oceans 12 only a couple so I may be missing people from 12.

    Immediately take out Julia, so we're down to 11, again (in my mind, from 11).

    Then they bring in Benedict, (that guy who I never caught his name, the one who delivered the 'new' shuffle machines and knew Greco), and Linus' dad.

    Well that makes 14. As far as I could tell everyone else was involved, unless you count out Reuben who was still technically there, in the movie, and taking part in the 'heist'. So we're still at 14.

    So how do we end up at 13? Are we not counting Linus' dad, or was someone missing that I didn't think of?

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    I don't know, but having seen all three. I liked the first one the best. The second one was horrible. The third is like the first.

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