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    Question Question: About Product datafeed
    Hi, I am new to this business.
    I am trying to create a product catalog in CJ.
    I have uploaded a csv file to CJ via CJ FTP.
    It is in the test mode now, but I don't know how to make it available to publishers?
    Do I have to do anything, like verification to make it work?
    I guess I am supposed to receive an email from CJ when I upload the file successfully, but I didn't.

    Could anyone help me answer my questions?
    Thanks very much in advance.

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    Hi Charlotte,

    Oh the wonderful world of CJ datafeeds… don't worry!

    Do you have the columns in the correct order as specified by the Advertiser Data Transfer Guide? (Contact CJ to get a copy)

    If you have successfully uploaded a datafeed to, first you'll receive a Confirmation Receipt email that shows the name of the file, date it was received, etc... Then when the file has been uploaded to CJ, you'll receive a Confirmation Import Receipt email. If you haven't received either of these, something was not recognizable with your feed and you will need to make changes so that indeed CJ recognizes it. They usually come within 15 minutes of eachother...

    Are you uploading to FTP? Attach in a “Contact Us” email the same file or a snippet of that file for CJ to take a look at. Usually they can tell you what it wrong with the feed. Adam or Erin over there are pretty good!

    Make sure the AID is correct. Log into, Manage Links and click into Product Catalog. Does it say 1 of 1 - meaning you have 1 catalog of 1 catalog in use?

    The Link ID and AID are the same thing - your file to CJ should have the LINK ID in the heading. If it's not exact, then CJ won't recognize the file.

    Click in and View the Catalog - are your products in there? Do a search for a product you know you just uploaded, for example, to ensure any changes you made the file stuck.

    My biggest piece of advice is not to share it with your publishers until you are confident it is working. It will only frustrate them if they pull products and URLs only to find out things are changing...

    It sounds like if you aren't receiving confirm emails - then a call to CJ is in store. You can use the Contact Us function to show them a snippet of your feed - but when talking technicalities - I find it much easier to just get on the phone.

    Hope this helps!

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    Thanks very much~
    CJ had replied me finally and my products are on the catalog now

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