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    No Notification of Expired Advertisers
    CJ gives no notification when they expire advertisers other than links starting to show up on the Invalid Links Report. And of course we'll never be paid., which just joined CJ on 10/29 has already been expired. Hyatt was expired a few months ago, leaving several months of unpaid commissions. Not a single email from CJ on either one of them.

    How is this a way to run a business?

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    I received two emails from CJ this week notifying me of expired advertisers. Perhaps you just missed the emails.

    Also, in reports, when you select the Performance tab, at the bottom of the page is a list of "Frequently Run Reports" and one of them is "Deactivated Advertisers - Last 30 Days." Just click on the number next to the report to see the list.

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    yep I receive emails regularly for this as well

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    I get the emails. It usually comes as a generic message titled "Commission Junction Advertiser Status Update"

    "You have received this email because one or more of the advertisers you are affiliated with in the Commission Junction network has recently been temporarily deactivated."
    Then it provides a link to the Deactivated Advertisers Report.

    You might want to whitelist: publishersupport//at//

    They are usually very prompt with them. As soon as I manually add a bunch of products and links to a merchant, or write a nice long article, I'll get this mail a day later.

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    I check the Deactivated Advertisers Report every morning. The email usually comes a few hours to a day after the deactivation.

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    I get e-mails every time also.

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    I think the whole system that CJ has for deactivated merchants could be a lot better, well much much better, it is very confusing and unclear, just one big mess really. This has been discussed many times and I have asked them to improve it but they just won't. There is a whole bunch of messed up ways to find out merchants that have either left the network, not paid their fees etc or just dumped the affiliate. But there is no clear way for us to know which one of these the merchant has done. If a merchant closes their CJ program then it can be mistaken to mean they have ceased the relationship with the affiliate and vice versa etc. You can find out if a merchant has dumped you only by 2 methods, 1. going to the internal mail system and there will be a letter to say that they don't want you any more. But I have also had merchants that have appeared to dump me and I have had this letter but a few days later they have started a new campaign for me!!! I wrote some letters to a few merchants in the past letting them know that was very nasty but have now realized they might have just temporally deactivated me as well. The 2nd method is to go to the CJ home page & then the link on the right "Review # offer(s) pending your approval." then on that page you have various tabs, select "Advertiser Expired", you need to click "sort by "date expired" 2 times "to bring the latest ones up to the top... all those ones that show up there don't want you to sell their products no more and they are most definitely the ones that have dumped you so you can kiss them goodbye & wish them luck.

    Now if you go to the home page again and select "Review # click(s) from invalid links." then on that page you can see a few links that are from merchants who are no longer active or the links are outdated, this is not much good for anything but getting a few details on certain links, What you need to do is then click the drop down box "Select Custom Report" that says "Deactivated Advertisers" and here you will see all the merchants who have run out of funds or have simply left the network, these ones are not merchants who have a personal issue with you and these ones have their own problems with with running out of cash flow or they are leaving CJ for various reasons.

    So it really is a huge mess, the reports are great, nice details etc but the whole system of how we are not really clear on the reason why the merchant has been deactivated or why they have deactivated the affiliate is very confusing and the other thing is that these various reports should all be able to be accessed from ONLY ONE link, not through all these different methods and then when you get to this report page it should have a clear reason why the merchant is not active, if it was because they have run low on funds, they have dumped you or they are leaving CJ etc.... The emails they send to your external (smtp) inbox mean nothing, you have to check out all these other reports to come to any sort of rough idea why they are deactivated..
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