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    Snowing in OKC
    Happy Holidays all - it just started snowing here in OKC!
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    It's raining in New York; maybe people will turn on their computers and shop
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    Man, this weather is wild. It's gray and overcast in upstate New York but it's not cold enough to snow.

    Rainy Mondays make for great online shopping days.

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    We had some really light sleet (for perhaps 30 minutes) and snow (maybe 5 minutes) here in the Dallas/Fort Worth area on Thanksgiving. It never dropped below 38, though, so it never stuck and even the bridges didn't get slippery.

    It was 84 two days before Thanksgiving.

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    Quote Originally Posted by patrick24601 just started snowing here in OKC!
    Yay!! Snow is good.

    Enjoy it, pal!


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