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    CJ Reporting
    Does CJ reporting seem to be slow this morning?

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    seems okay to me.

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    This doesn't look like a Cyber Monday to me at all.

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    It's definitely slow for me.

    No sales for almost two days - which is far from normal for me.
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    I don't think they're posting in anything resembling real-time. I have other merchants who seem to be in the same boat. Buncha stuff came through this morning on Cafe Press that I'm betting was leftover from yesterday.

    Maybe this is what they have to do to make sure the servers don't overload, in which case it's okay with me.

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    Remember that if you are promoting merchants that are selling products (as opposed to a sign up or service), many report after the order has shipped. And for a lot of merchants it was probably a 4 day weekend, and shipping is catching up today. I would expect to see those orders reported tomorrow or Wednesday.

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    Thanks everyone for the updates. That's why I like ABW. In the past it felt like I was all alone but now I can come to ABW and find some answers.

    This really is a great forum.

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    First post here! Hello!

    I think there is some sort of an issue with eBay tracking.

    My site tracks clicks independently of cj, and shows a total of 300 clicks for the day.

    CJ is reporting... 6!

    hmmm... something doesn't add up!

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