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    Front Page vs. Merchant Activity Detail Report
    On the main login screen of Performics, I can see that I've made xx.xx with Circuit City this month.

    So then I go into the Affiliate Detail reports for Circuit City and I see where I've actually made five times as much, but none of that shows on the front page.

    Why is there such a difference in amounts? Is it because electronics sales take longer to post for some reason?

    There's a message on the front page that states the following:

    All numbers represent monthly activity through yesterday and are subject to reconciliation. Refer to specific Advertisers Activity reports for a detailed summary.

    Anyone else not seeing correct totals on their front page?

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    have you done a one-day (current day) report? that will take in activity from about 8 PM EST last night into today.

    simple reports don't include today

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    Actually, though, should my main page report show me anything within the last day?

    It's not.

    There are still sales from 10 days ago that aren't showing on my current stats page.

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    Circuit City Reporting
    I manage the Circuit City Affiliate program and I would be more than happy to walk you through the reporting.

    Circuit City is on pending and has been since the start of their Affiliate program. What that means is an order remains in a pending state until the entire order has shipped, has been picked up in-store or cancelled. Circuit City has a 30-day return policy, which is why they are on pending.

    Most orders ship within a few days and are no longer pending; however with the holidays it is possible they may stay pending longer because of in-store pick ups, pre-ordered items (like DVDs and Games) and so forth.

    You can pull a few different types of reporting to understand what has shipped and what is still pending. When you log into ConnectCommerce the commission you see is for all orders that have shipped.

    Here is an example of what you would see in ConnectCommerce
    Total sales generated for November $25,000
    Total amount of sales that are still pending (have not shipped) $5,000

    Total Commission generated: $625
    Commission on orders that HAVE shipped: $500

    When you log into ConnectCommerce you will see your commission as $500. Does that make sense?

    Now it is possible an order stays pending and it may have been shipped or cancelled. We have seen a few instances of this due to in-store picks ups. Every 2-3 months Circuit City reviews ALL pending orders and determines the appropriate status. The orders are then either shipped or cancelled in ConnectCommerce. The date changes from the order date to the month of the next invoice that is going out. For example: Circuit City will do another audit in January. If there are any orders in November that are still pending but have really shipped the order will be moved to December or January (depending on what invoice is ready to go out) and commission will be rewarded.

    If you ever want to see a quick snapshot of what is pending versus what has shipped you can run an activity report and select one of the following options:

    Confirmed Only (will only show shipped order data)
    Confirmed and Pending (will show all orders that have been generated - shipped and pending)
    Pending Only (will show only orders that are still in a pending state)

    If you want to see the data at the order level just run an activity detail report. Here is what the status column means:

    GDR - Pending
    Canceled - Order has been canceled
    CD - Order has been updated and shipped. An update can take place is one product was returned or a product was added when the customer picked up in-store, etc.
    Blank - The order has shipped

    I hope this helps. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you still have any questions. I would be more than happy to walk you though.

    Thank you!

    Phone: 312-739-0680

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