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    One of my PHP includes causes a weird symbol?
    I can post a link if it would help, but on two websites I'm working on.. I've got this symbol:
    Appearing in the upper left hand corner, above everything else.

    If I remove:
    PHP Code:
    <?php include('header.php'); ?>
    From my code, it disappears. So I thought it must be in the header.php. I went through and deleting things one at a time till I was left with a blank file. Nothing in it at all. Yet, that symbol still appears.

    So my include must be causing it somehow? Though my include for siderbar.php and footer.php don't cause any weird symbols. I'm blaffled right now.

    Orignally both sites were built on wordpress, but I'm pretty sure I removed all the wordpress code too. So anyone have any ideas?

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    It's a blank space or a line break in the header.php, when the file is opened in notepad, click edit select all and then delete. Close the file and check it again.
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    Weird, I did that, made it completely blank, still had it. It would only disappear when I removed the include. Although I guess what you said made me try something new..

    I had the include after my html tag, put it before at the very begining of the file, and the symbol is gone. Whoops, so guess I should have shown more? But thanks for the reply, got me to the solution.

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