We are looking to start a merchant program shortly, which would sell a certain range of products to countries
like UK, USA, Canada and others.

We are looking to create departments in each country, who would receive our shipments and then dispatch it to our customers.

What do we want from you?
Simple, We would send across a consignment to your place, you woudn't incurr any charges for the same.

The consigment will hold together of well packaged goods which would be ready to dispatch,

Upon receiving an order, we would notify you of the same along with the name and address of the customer
and other such specifics.

You would have to then dispatch the particular packet to the customer.

This is all that we expect you to do.

The question of profits would be decided shortly if your ready to get involved in the business.

We could hold a web conference and decide upon various other factors that may interest you both on general terms and mutual gains.

I am looking out for quick responses, if it interests you pls drop in a PM or send across a mail.


P.S. Haiko: haven't posted in like centuries, so am not aware of the current rules, if my post goes against the rules pls delete the same.

Heyder: I am looking forward to hearing from you as I hope to do business with you.