Hello Team,

Welcome to Cash Tuesdays!

The day of the week that you can look forward to as an ARC affiliate partner!

**********This week we will be premiering RizeMobile**************

RizeMobile offers your site visitors a variety of the most popular and reliable unlocked mobile phone brands and accessories. This week we are going to be offering $50.00 for every $500.00 in sales generated between 11/27/07-12/11/2007. Donít miss out on this opportunity!

If your not familiar with RizeMobile, here are some benefits of becoming a RizeMobile affiliate!

Program Facts

$175 Average Order
In house Exclusive ShareASale Program
5% Commissions on all SALES! (Contact us for an Exclusive Higher Commission Private Offer)
60 Day Cookies
Data Feed
Parasite FREE
Custom Links and Banners created for your site traffic
Additional Bonus Incentives
$5.00 CABís (Cash Activation Bonuses)

Make your Holiday much, much sweeter, JOIN RizeMobile TODAY!