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    Adsense Tip - Watch Your Link URLS!
    I discovered something while using AdSense: Not only does your link text (and any other text) affect ad selection, but the link URL itself is factored in. I have a site that uses my own created database so I can arbitrarily choose page URLS. When I made a change in the URL names, ads were affected.

    So if it is in your control, choose links out with URL text that are in line with the content of your pages.
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    it is also possible to alter the URL of an already established static .html page by adding a "?" followed by a keyword or two. This should also have a small effect on the AdSense selected for that page.

    example: www

    The keywords following the "?" will have no effect on navigation but can influence the content of the page. Just make sure you choose wisely - to help, rather than hinder ads that are shown.

    Another hint: When using more than one keyword (in any URL) always use hyphens rather than underscores to separate them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Victorezeaku
    How does these tips affect adsense
    the type of ads that were shown changed, is what he meant.

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