I'm pretty new to the affiliate world and need a little help/advice. I work on a site that has a skateboard product database (http://www.vitalskate.com/product/main) with member reviews. Currently we add these products through the backend off our site. What I would like to do is get datafeeds through CJ and/or others to populate our site. Does anyone here have experience doing something like this? I'm starting the planning phase now and could use some help. I assume I'll have to build or preferably hire someone to build a tool that will:
- pull the XML feed from CJ and or other puplisher sites
- Extract XML (datafeed) file and place on server
- clean Urls for SEO
- Check for duplicates and map products to my category structure

I'm sure there will be lots of little things that will happen in between the above steps as well. Are there any major steps that I'm missing? Additionally, does anyone know someone that I can hire to make this happen?