Hey Everyone

For anyone looking to use the buy at webservices function to manage their reporting here is a simple guide to getting started:

Log into the buy at management area using your user name and password at www.buyat.com

Go to the reports tab on the right hand side

Here you can change up the date range using the drop down boxes at the top to the dates you want to view reports for.

Then click the customize tab and use the check boxes to determine which information you want to display

You can then save the report using the Save Report tab if you wish so you do not have to repeat this process ( This is handy if your setting up a few reports that you run often)

You can then go to the Web Services tab in the far right of the screen

You will be presented with some choices - HTML , CSV , XML and Summary

You can cut and paste the urls of these and drop them straight into a browser to view the effect or create a folder on your desktop

Now when you want to view your reports you can do so without having to log in - I like the Summary tab and just launch that in my browser to get a quick update on the month so far when I'm checking on Merchants.

Let me know how you get on and if you would like anymore information on this time saver