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    For Pubs who get the CJ Promotions / Coupon Datafeed
    As you may or may not be aware, publishers can subscribe to a Promotions / Coupon datafeed. They can request this feed from CJ to be delivered via FTP, email, etc...

    I rotate a lot my offers so that affiliates just have to pull the code once. The creative and landing page change - I handle that here on my end. But the Link Name does not change, for example, the Link Name might be: "Rotating Offer Banner 120x90"

    When you, a publisher, receives the datafeed, what exactly do you see? What are the column headings in the feed? I'm signed up to receive my own copy to learn how to better manage these links but was curious how publishers prefer the data in the meantime.

    What do you need to see in the Coupon datafeed to know something “new” is about to begin?

    Do you want new AID's every time a new offer is posted?

    Do you want the Link Name to reflect the offer even if it's going to rotate?

    If a link gets updated from being a Coupon to a Free Shipping offer (same AID) - do you see the change in the feed?

    This came about because we had a 4 day deal (Black Fri to Cyber Mon) - CJ only allows advertisers to create a NEW AID if the offer lasts at least 7 days. Thus, my dilemma.

    Thanks in advance for your thoughts, ~K

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    The CJ coupon feed is pretty useless to me. Affiliates can only get it once a day, so it's typically 24-48 hours out of date. There is no field for a coupon code. It's full of garbage, inacurate information, duplicate promotions, links that aren't promotions, and incomplete information.

    ShareASale and AvantLink are the only two networks that do a good job with coupon feeds. (BeFree did, too, but that's essentially a dead network. It's a shame that nearly 6 years after they acquired BeFree, CJ still hasn't integrated the coupon database!)

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    Having looked high and low, I've reached the same conclusions as Coley. And, by the way, the SAS and Avantlink folks listen and adopt their feed systems to serve merchants and affiliates better - both have made changes for me to better accomodate automating the process to the fullest extent possible. These weren't special features for me, but things they added for all their affs. Both of those networks have huge ears.

    And you gotta ask yourself why CJ, who now owns several affiliate coupon operations, hasn't caught up with the tiny little networks. I can only conclude that they've decided it's not a priority for them or their affiliates. Given the price they paid for their affiliate coupon operations, I find that very noteworthy.

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