I've read many good things about Niche Price Comparison sites on here. I have built a script for my site around that but have found it a bit too cumbersome at the moment as it requires quite a bit of manual sorting.

I actually designed it that way before I realized the enormity of the task.

Anyways, I wanted to ask a question if I could.

I see a lot of Comparison sites basically searches the product title for the keyword and lists the results. I was trying to stay away from this as usually this brings in a lot of noise.

For example ipod would also include cases, ipods of different models.

However limiting the search term to ipod classic may eliminate a lot of products that have named its product slightly different.

My initial way for that was to have a field for product name and products from the feeds would relate to. An admin back end to try sort them correctly but tools to manually correct and edit the right feed products into the client side product name.

As I said, this is proving to be too laborious for niches that I am working on.

Could I ask for you guys input to how you would tackle Niche Price Comparisons and do my concerns actually matter?

If you were to design a Niche comparison from scratch, how would you do it? I am willing to spend time on manual sorting, but within limits, i.e. not requiring 1-2 people to do fulltime.

Thanks in advance.