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    Phone call.

    This afternoon.

    Me: Hello?

    Nice Young Lady: Hi CodeJockey, this is Blah, Blah from Blah-Blah Hosting Company. I'm calling because the credit card company declined your credit card.

    Me: Oh? That's strange because we're right up to date on it.

    NYL: Well, the company declined the charge, so I'm going to have to ask you to make arrangements to pay this bill.

    Me: What bill. This isn't our normal billing day.

    NYL: Oh, it's for excess bandwidth charges for March.

    Me: What excess bandwidth... we have a flat rate bandwidth charge... say, how much is it anyways?

    NYL : $3,218.36.

    Me: Ummm.... like, for how many days in March?

    NYL: Oh, I think it's something like 21 or 22. It's almost the whole month. Can we get back to how you're going to pay for this bill?

    Me: I think you'd better let me speak to one of your technical people. There's a big problem here.

    (At this point, she is becoming a bit insistent that I make arrangements to pay the bill. I'm trying to be reasonable under the circumstances, but it's clear I'm dealing with a b*tch. I finally get to talk to her supervisor.)

    Supervisor: So what is the problem? You have incurred charges and we're expecting you to pay for them.

    Me: Tell me exactly how I can incur over $3K in excess bandwidth charges in less than a month.

    (Supervisor goes tap, tap and says your server is one of our busiest ones on that rack. It's output is just slightly under 24 megabits per second. At this point I started using four letter words, which got me over to a techie guy r-e-a-l quick.)

    Me: Some ****ing suit is telling me my server is doing 24 megabits/second.

    Techie: S**t. Another one. What's the domain? (Dial tone.)

    He didn't even say goodbye.

    It was rather amusing, considering there are April charges also to come.

    Not doing a heck of a lot of traffic today, and it would go a long way to explain why the last six weeks have sucked Big Time.


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    Hey man . . . that ain't funny at all~!
    I get one of those types of calls about every other month . . . mostly from companies I don't even know of. I usually tell them to double check all others living in the USA with my name before calling me back again . . . then hang up . . . that usually does it.

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    Are they going keep trying to collect on that bill, I wonder? And was the server really doing that or is their meter program messed up?

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    Sounds like you got hit by Slammer or something similar... is it running Microsoft IIS?

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    They weren't overly expressive with what was happening.

    It's an Apache O/S so my guess it was Slammer or some variant. There's not a lot going around for *nix-based systems.


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