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    Instrument Pro Script - Can I ad an SID?
    Hello David,

    I want to know which products I am selling in the Instrument Pro script. CJ has the ability to track an SID which is for this very purpose.

    What does it take to add a SID for every product?

    Since I am spending PPC money on things I would like to be able to track conversions.



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    You may want to consider using a unique CJ PID for the website that uses DySE::InstrumentPro rather than using a SID. To create a new CJ PID, login to and go to Account > Web site Settings and click "Add A New Web Site" button.

    If you do want to add a SID to the links, edit the template files and add the sid parameter to all the links.

    Start by editing the items.html template (/cgi-bin/dyse/instrumentpro/templates/items.html) and revise the product links. Search for:


    and change to:


    Replace MYSIDHERE with the SID value that you want to use.

    Note: There are multiple occurrences of HREF="{item.url}" in items.html so be sure to change all occurrences.

    Note: This revision of the link HREF only works if the links.cloak configuration variable set to no (it defaults to no).

    In all the templates, change HREF="{merch.home}" to HREF="{merch.home}&sid=MYSIDHERE" and HREF="{}" to HREF="{}&sid=MYSIDEHERE"

    And if the template set you're using has a search form, then add an <INPUT> before the closing </FORM> tag:

    <INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME="sid" VALUE="MYSIDHERE">

    Yours truly,
    Cusimano.Com Corporation
    per: David Cusimano

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    I think you missunderstood or I don't understand your answer.

    I want to track a seperate SID for each GUITAR sold within one website.

    For example if I advertise all of the guitars how do I know which one was sold? If I can figure out what sells & what doesn't I can improve conversions & increase profits.

    Since all guitars (for example) are all shown using the items.html template I don't understand how modifying the template could work.

    It would seem that I need to be able to handle it all the way down at the datafeed level, but I may be wrong.

    I have software that can track all the seperate SIDs that I would get out of the sales at CJ, I just don't have the granularity to get individual SIDs for each instrument from the instrument pro script.

    Does this make sense?


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    Hi Rex,

    Per our email, this info is not currently available. I will follow up with you offline.
    Brook Schaaf
    p/f: 512.464.1122
    Skype - brookschaaf |

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