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    Have a Few Questions
    I noticed that certain vendors appear to be listed with several Affilliate networks. Is this the case or was I perhaps seeing old information? Thus, I am wondering if vendors are exclusively bound to one network? Another question. How much do the major networks take as a commission from the merchants? Is this a negotiatied item? Are their instances of an affiliate, such as a large newspaper, being allowed to deal directly with the merchant, thus cutting out the network?

    I'm a newbie and want to get the lowdown!

    Thanks for a great site.

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    That is true although the Big 3 attempt to get exclusivity agreements. Look for higher commissions and the network you trust most.
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    Thank you visitourmall. I am curious as to the fee the networks charge the merchants. Any idea?

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    Depends on the network, but set-up fees plus 20-30% of commissions with monthly minimums is a fair rule of thumb.

    As for your other question, doesn't the newspaper have an ad sales department for that?
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