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    January 18th, 2005
    Whenever I see hype, feel hype, or get a slight smell of hype drifting in the breeze, I tend to duck and run. But, if the stench of it gets too overpowering, then I want to see if it is more than hype. So, without further ado:

    Site-build-it... what do you think? Have you used it? Any luck with it? Is it all hype? Is it worth the money? I'd really like to know what the "experts" believe.


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    January 18th, 2005
    Yep, there is an enormous amount of hype, Ken Evoy is a brilliant marketer.
    I use SiteBuildIt!
    I bought into it last October, when I knew nothing about affiliate marketing (before I found this forum)(not that I know much about it now!). I built my first site with it. I have four other sites now. The SiteBuildIt! site is the only one that generates any traffic so far. It isn't commercial, but has links to Amazon.
    SiteBuildIt! has a nice back-end - it includes a keyword research tool and extensive reporting.
    The front-end is quite restrictive (they're supposed to be bringing in support for other html editors so you can use Dreamweaver or whatever, but I'm waiting and waiting.)
    I would say - it's probably a good starting point for someone new to the business. I would recommend it - once you know what you're doing you can assemble all the components for about the same price with more flexibility, but as an investment to someone starting out it's worth the cost in my opinion.

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    A have a SBI site because I was (am?) a pretty active SiteSell affiliate.

    I really do think it is a fantastic way to build a content based affiliate site - the problem is that I don't think content based sites are the best way to make money

    But for people who have an interest, hobby, passion that they want to turn into an affiliate site - SBI is the way to go.

    Ken Evoy is one of a very very few "internet marketers" I still have any respect for.

    Are you Crazy?

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    January 18th, 2005
    Yes, I would like to add - Ken Evoy has my respect too.

    (And I'm a pretty cynical person...)

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    in the PhillyBurbs!
    What makes the product so good?

    Karl Smith
    phillyBurbs - Your Internet Starts Here

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    What makes it so good?

    I wouldn't claim it's THAT good - it isn't perfect. It has bugs, like every other software product on the market.
    It's as close as you'll come to designing a website by numbers - even for people with little experience of computers.
    The reason Ken Evoy commands respect is because his sincerity shines through all the hype.
    And the product does deliver what it claims.

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    It is a very good starting point for beginners.. and for lazy people who want good placing in search engines without knowledge of SEO.

    I use it on one site to learn how to write search engine optimized pages. Then I apply what I learn to other non site build it sites.

    That site I created with site build it does really well in search engines.. and I did not have to worry at all about SEO..

    I like their affiliate program for the 2 tier, lifetime commission. Also, I have a lot of respect for Ken Evoy.

    Customer service is excellent. I am a loyal customer as well as affiliate.. Bought their ebooks and site build it to learn what I can from all that.

    I emailed him about the parasite problem and the list. He said not to worry and in spite of his busy schedule, he took the time to explain in a long detailed email how there is no way any parasite could steal the commissions of his affiliates. He is as anti parasite as they come.

    I would recommend site build it as a learning exercise for beginners, or for people who do not want to learn anything about creating websites or html but still want their site up without hiring anyone to help them.

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