I got some free gift cards for OnlineSeats.com to give away to the people. I got it from OnlineSeats and just saw them as I was packing for my move to Texas. As I am not going to use them any time soon, so it's free.

Here are the T&C for the gift card:
-$25 per gift card
-To Redeem: Call 1-866-855-TIXX
-Expires: 12/31/07 (sorry, I just rediscovered them )

Here are MY T&C:
-Pls post once you use it or intend to use it. It's a good promo item to give away too for your site
-One per person.
-It is not for sale and please do not sell/barter it.
-I have the physical cards with me and No, I will not ship it to you. Just follow the instructions above.
-I am not responsible for redemption, or any problems, lawsuits, etc

Gift card No1:

Gift card No2:

Gift card No3:

Gift card No4: