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    Trademark in url ?
    I have domain that contains brand/trademark in url address ... example etc ....

    Is that violate TOS or law ?


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    Yes, it violates trademark law and it may also violate affiliate program TOS.

    There are some exceptions:

    - Authorized use: many sellers are authorized to use the trademark in their advertising to sell the product (ex: authorized sony dealer).
    - Free speech:, etc.

    Many companies are unaware of the trademark domains registered by their affiliates, competitors or just squatters. However, their current lack of awareness doesn't mean that they can't come after you legally later when they discover the practice.

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    While most merchants do not allow this, some merchants will allow variations that use trademarks, but not other variations.

    For example, some may allow:
    as in

    but not allow
    as in

    Read the merchant terms carefully, and if in doubt ask (better sure & safe than sorry)

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    like OTPROF said, many will allow it after the domain, ie:

    but there are a lot that won't even allow it at all in the url.

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