I am seeking help finishing off the OSCommerce shopping cart I have installed.
In terms of contributions, qe'd like help with UPS XML (only dimensions support portion, main contribution is already installed successfully but configurations may need tweaking?)
-Ultra Pics
-Easy Populate & Products Attributes
-Order Editor
-Featured Products
-SEO contribution?

Already installed contributions include:

Google Checkout
Main categories in front page 2.3

I would like to streamline the checkout process, to limit the# of pages a customer must click thru til the order is complete.

Would also like to structure the layout in a more pleasing design instead of the vanila out of the box layout. i.e. instead of listing all products within a category vertically, would prefer a horizontal layout.

minor enhancements in terms of Design, graphics, background, layout, would be great but not huge priority, depends on price. we have logos and images to provide.

open to suggestions to optimize cart

thanks for any referrals!