Haven't wasted my time talking about this for a while and somehow today I get suckered back in. LOL

I saw a post that said the google guy was asking question about parasites and I couldn't help but think.....

What about a serch engine that protected against drive by downloads and refused to do searches for users who had parasites on them. Whooooooooooo......

I imagine they would become a "very popular" search engine pretty quick. Of course this is pure "thought" and yall know my thoughts can be met with skeptisism but the broad scale market appeal this would have is mind bo-googling LOL.

Some of the portals have gone to popup blocking and it seems this would be a great way for a search engine to gain a ton of popularity quickly. It's a shame the wild wild west is a dumping ground for way to many unethical people acting against unsuspecting (and even suspecting) people!

This would be a cool next step in the evolving of the net which needs a place where people can surf without the fear of drivebys, popups, and other unscruptulous parasites interfearing with their surfing experience ad or stealing of commissions.

How much wasted time and money is spent because of drive by downloads and how much money is spent of virus protection, cookie washers, ad blockers, etc, etc, etc. This market should grow like crazy going forward! Heck... I'd rather pay a subscription fee to a "no bs - no undermining" search engine than to pay all the other fees users currently do. Safe and secure surfing is something I want myself!

There's my rambling thoughts for the day .