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    Post Offline for the next few days.. and on the road
    I will be offline for a few and making my trip from Orlando to Houston in a few minutes. I hope to make it in a day but with a car full of things, it's gonna be a long, slow and boring drive

    As most of you already know, I took a job in Houston, TX after I was downsized by Wyndham Vacation Resorts. They had a VP, director and a few mgrs who were downsized a month or so before me but I guess when one door closes, another will open. Got 4 offers, but I took the road less taken or most challenging. I will be working on and my first priority is to address is to deploy a converting site, and optimizing whatever needed. Will be managing some inhouse employees + hiring a contract graphic artist + content developer..know anybody? It will have an affiliate marketing program by Q2 2008 so "I'll be back" (will still stick around after work in Q1 2008).

    See ya guys in a few days.. and if you see a 2000 Golden Champaign Camry on I-4. Honk!!!!!!

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    Hey Eric,

    Good luck and safe travels. I've made a similar drive in the past, from Atlanta to Witchita Falls, TX. It was about this time of the year too. Weather was good and traffic light. Hope all goes well.


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    Happy trails Eric - have a safe journey!

    Loving Everyone's Child Creates Magic

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    That is, indeed, a hefty drive, Eric. Do take care and make it a safe one. I am eager to hear about your new position. I know you are up to it and by this time next year those golf balls will be flying out the door (I may even be selling some for you). Best wishes to ya, guy.

    - Bill
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    Have a safe trip, and watch out for those crazy drivers!

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    Are you there yet?

    Hope the drive was uneventful and there were some places to stop and take photos along the way.
    Deborah Carney

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    I've got family in Houston and I used to live in Orlando - I know that drive very, very well It's boring, yes... quite boring. For some reason, taking the I-12 alternate around New Orleans takes a lot longer than you think it should.

    One time I did that drive straight through in 17 hours... I was in a rush and I didn't stop for longer than it took to get refilled

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    got in Houston y'day.. stop by Cajun country for a day or so..

    Now, to get a place and net connection.
    Or is it net connection then a place

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