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    December 3rd, 2007
    my First payment (?)
    hello dears

    i am new in cj

    i joint there on 15th of November

    and i have made near 1200 $ upto now.

    i would know when should i espect a payment from them (by check to thailand)

    i havent send the fwben form yet.
    i am going to send it tommorow

    they aslo told me they will monitor my account to see its not fraud and every thing is ok after that they will send the money.

    i send all of my traffic from google and yahoo
    is there any problem with them ?
    will cj look for some silly reason to freeze my account ?
    i dont know why i have a bad feeling about it.

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    I also read your other post at ,

    If you are using Paid Search Engine Listings and bidding on Trademarked keywords, like you are affiliate and you're bidding on efax on Google Adwords or Yahoo SEM. In that matter if Store or CJ notices they can reverse your earnings.

    If you are promoting them using Normal (Organic) Search engine listings, then you're fine, It then mostly doesn't matter if you have trademark in your webpage title.

    You joined on 15th Nov and made $1200 quickly, Network Quality may be checking your account if you're doing some fraud, like fake leads etc.

    As I remember CJ hold 1st month payment for new affiliates. You should expect your payment around 20th January.

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    December 3rd, 2007
    i didnt bid on trademark keywords

    for example if i advertise for

    i use its name on my ads in

    for example i wrote
    title : yahoo Domain
    Desc : reg domain from ....

    i mean i used trademark in description of adword not in keywords

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    I that case you may be safe, as Merchants check this by searching their brand name on Google, Yahoo etc, as you're not using their trademark as keyword, then your ad should not come up when some one search on SE their trademark.

    Some Merchants also do not allow their name in Display URL, I suggest you ask the store you're promoting.

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