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    Greetings all:
    Just when you think I've run out of moronic questions, I dredge up something new! We've been contacted by a company that wants to use a "dropshipping" arrangement with their products.

    So if anyone would like to explain to me how this type of thing works, it would be greatly appreciated!

    As always, don't spare the details (in other words - assume I know nothing, because that's probably close to the truth!).

    Thanks in advance!

    Karl Smith
    phillyBurbs - Your Internet Starts Here

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    Basically you take payment for an order and then pass the order on to the fulfillment house (the dropshipper) and they ship it for you and charge you. You are usually responsible for collecting payment and the liability of fradulent orders lies with you. (Ie. you get a chargeback AND you have to pay the dropshipper) but they can still be lucritive arrangements.

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    In this type of arrangement, you should also be receiving a relatively large percentage of the sale. You've probably been contacted about a product that has a reasonable profit margin. Considering that marketing these products is the most expensive task, getting rid of them is the difficult part. You will also need a merchant account, etc. Email me if you want to talk about the details.

    Joe Flores
    Affiliate Manager

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