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    How many affiliates?
    Just curious: does anyone know how many affiliates are in the ShareASale network?

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    Almost all the same ones found on all the other major networks. But all that matters really is how many customers are looking for your products or service so they, affiliates even if only a few, can pre-sell your products or service.

    If it sells, you only need the ones that will get active and sell it not how many joined.

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    You need only a few, a relative number, active affiliates and a product/service that will sell.

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    I ask the same question months ago.
    the most important is what is in your affiliate program , not what is in the network .

    What is more , I think shareasale is more merchant friendly . ha ha .

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    Quote Originally Posted by Merchant Consultant Team

    You need only a few, a relative number, active affiliates and a product/service that will sell.
    I had a discussion with an exec from IAN ( / Expedia) about a year ago. he told me that a general rule of thumb is 95% of affiliate sales are generated by 5% of affiliates.

    I had alway though that in most organizations it was an 80/20 rule and that in sales it approached 90-10. I never realized that affiliate marketing was so skewed. So, it seems like all you need do is find and hook up with that 5%.
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    If only it were that easy. You have to hook up with the 100% to figure out which ones are going to be the 5%. Sometimes it's not as obvious as it would seem.

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