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    Among the many weapons in the arsenal of an SEO master is pay per click advertising. The area of pay-per-click is one that eclipsed banner ads. This is an area that does bare a little bit of scrutiny as to its effectiveness compared with your other options. Like many SEO techniques you need to know what will work best for you. Letís delve further into this topic.

    Pay-per-click is going to be a tool best suited for e-commerce sites. One of the initial factors you must decide before using pay-per-click is how much you want to pay per click. Depending on what you are advertising you must decide if your profit margin is going to be high enough to justify the cost. Even then this should be used as part of an overall SEO campaign. For the best results all SEO strategies should be looked at and all factors taken into account.

    Yahoo!ís Overture and Googleís Adwords are the two major pay-per-click companies. These two comprise the highest level of pay-per-click. They are responsible for more ad placements than all of the other companies combined. They work with multiple search engines which is why they have so much placement. The next lower level of pay-per-click are a series of smaller companies such as and The advantage to these smaller companies is that although you may not guarantee higher placement on search engines the cost per click will be much lower. Thus a pauper strategy may be more successful. There are a number of small time pay-per-click companies but the trustworthiness of these companies may be suspect so be cautious.

    The major drawback to pay-per-click is that not everybody clicks on these ads. With the rising problem with spam even in spite of spam filters many may be leery to click on them for just that reason. Any company using pay-per-click needs to be sure that it has a robust advertising budget. Sticker shock is bad enough on cell phone bills but for a company it could be down right disastrous. As with all other SEO campaigns a thorough evaluation on your immediate and long term needs is vital. Ensure a sturdy foundation before you reach for the sky.

    Discover the sneaky (yet legal) strategies will enable you to squeeze every single cent from your website visitors. Each of these Affiliate Landmines could be worth thousands to you!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by tesswrite
    With the rising problem with spam[/url]

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    Among the many weapons in the arsenal of an SEO master
    Why would an SEO master need PPC....if you truely are an SEO master, there is no need as you will have solid rankings and a backup link strategy incase you get booted for a short period of time,,,,duh!!! PPC is a nice compliment to it though.
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